A Coach Just Gave My Athlete THIS Nutritional Advice!



Some people just need to stick to their strengths.

One of the coaches at our son’s gymnastics training center recently told him that he needed to start eating more carbs and dairy. What prompted this genius nutritional advice? Son was turning himself into a pretzel on the rings, commented that he could really feel the strain in his shoulders when he did that (shocking!), and this prompted a coach to tell him… “You need to fix your diet! Start eating more carbs and dairy!”

What in the living….??!!

I had the boy child tell me this story a good 27 times to make sure I heard it correctly.

Carbs and dairy.

Who knew?!

I had no idea these two super foods could prevent and heal injuries… or make you stronger! Especially injuries caused by moving your body into positions that challenge it beyond reason… like the insane things male gymnasts do on rings!


Case in point… look at HIS shoulders!!!

Jordan Jovtchev of Bulgaria



Funny, last I checked, (conventional) dairy was one of the most toxic food groups in our modern food supply… wreaking havoc on gut health, which in turn directly compromises immune function and brain function.

I think immune function and brain function are fairly important. Even beyond gymnastics.

The whole notion of milk “building bones” was disproven eons ago.

Not to mention, this boy child was weaned a good 10 years ago. He no longer requires milk or milk products for optimal growth and function… let alone milk from a completely different species than his mother!




And carbs? Guess you better specify. If you’re talking vegetables, that’s one thing. I’m on board with that. NOT that veggies are going to prevent your shoulder from hurting when you turn it inside out while hanging from rings in mid-air and supporting the full weight of your body, mind you.

But this coach wasn’t talking about veggies. Nope. The recommendation was for grain-based carbs.

Sweet Baby Jesus… I pray for strength and self control.

(Side note: Inaccurate nutritional advice doled out freely and without request was one of the top reasons we pulled our kids out of school years ago. I dislike.)

Nobody “needs” grains. They are not a physiological requirement for cell function.

Regular consumption of grains (which is assumed when someone says “you need to eat more”) forces us to stay in a non-efficient, carb-addicted, carb-dependent, sugar burning mode… setting the stage for a lifetime of inefficient metabolism and a host of other health challenges.  Conventional grains are toxic. They are inflammatory. Inflammation is a root cause of ALL serious, chronic, degenerative illness.

Not the best way to build future Olympians… or future healthy adults!

So, the boy child will resume his regular diet of abundant healthy fats & oils, lower starchy carbohydrate consumption (but NOT “zero”), ample carbs from veggies and some fruit, moderate protein intake, and key nutritional supplements as needed.

And he will heal up just fine.

Pretzel on, young man.




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