A Healthy Mindset & The Voices In Your Head

You’ve heard it before.

What you focus on the most, will “show up” the most!

Call it common sense, call it a biblical Truth, or call it the Law of Attraction… whatever rings true for you.

The point is, if you’re predominantly seeing the glass as half FULL, and you’re seeing the blessings around you, and you’re grateful… guess what? Then you’ll see more glasses that are half FULL… and more blessings… and find you’ve got more things to be grateful for.


Happiness is a choice. Feeling good is a choice. Focusing on the positive is a choice. Choosing NOT to dwell on negatives takes some training… and it’s WELL worth it! It impacts our cell function and ability to resist the risk factors for illness. Plus, it feels good to feel good.

BUT, it IS perfectly natural and healthy to NOT feel good at times, too. This does NOT mean we have a “problem” that needs medication.

The longer we remain in our vicious cycle of negativity, stress, and anxiety the more stress hormones we’ll make and the worse we will feel.   Something’s gotta’ give!

We have to proactively find the exit door from the stress cycle and unhealthy mindset in order to express our optimal levels of health and function. Acute stress (and even negativity) is fine when we adapt to it effectively. Chronic stress & negativity wreaks havoc on our health.

What drug could ever solve the problem of toxic or deficient emotions, a disconnect from our Creator, negative self-talk, bad attitude, stinkin thinkin’, lack of self-love, low self-esteem, and stressed relationships in your life?

It doesn’t exist.



It’s not up to a drug or any other outside-in approach. Better health, better function, and greater happiness all come from within. When I say that, I’m including our direct vertical connection with our Creator, of course.

How you talk to yourself is of the utmost importance!

Your “self-talk” can be described as what you say and how you think, both IN your own head as well as out loud. It’s how you perceive the world around you.

Your self-talk helps shape your belief system… and your belief system, in turn, helps shape your self-talk.

You can “train” yourself to upgrade your self-talk by carefully choosing your words and thoughts and what you’ll allow “in” to your headspace. Therefore, you end up upgrading &/or changing your beliefs.

Since your belief system forms the basis of the choices you make and the actions you take, just by changing your self-talk, you can more  EASILY change your choices and actions.

It’s these cumulative choices and actions shape your overall “Lifestyle”.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Change the way you speak. Change the words you use. Change the voices, opinions, images, and “noise” you allow into your head space consistently and you’ll change how you think, speak, feel, and function!

“Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habit.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”





Dr. Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat (“Dr Mom Online”) is a popular personality in Natural Health & Wellness and is in her 24th year of active practice in Michigan, along with her husband Dr. Marc VanHoogstraat. She’s also the proud mom of two rather fabulous kiddos that she currently home schools. Her unique perspective of the science of Wellness provides predictable solutions and transformational results for those struggling with chronic health issues, as well as those seeking lifelong health. To discover her simple strategies for creating better health through nutrition, movement, mindset, cellular detoxification, and metabolic re-setting, jump on board as a regular reader of Dr Mom Online when you plug in your name and email address.

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