It’s STILL The Hottest Google Search in the New Year!

It’s still one of the hottest topics in health, nutrition, and weight loss… and it’s one of the most popular Google-searched words of all time!

What is it? KETO!

The Ketogenic approach is simple, really. And, it’s been around But, just like with most popular subjects, misinformation and inaccuracies are plentiful!

Thankfully, many thought leaders in natural healthcare fully understand both the short and long term benefits of a high fat/low carb/moderate protein diet and are committed to sharing this knowledge with as many people as possible.

That’s why The Dr. Oz Show is featuring the groundbreaking documentary series “The Real Skinny on Fat” on his show on January 4th. Naomi Whittel, host of the series (and a genuine sweetheart!), will be a guest on his show to give an overview of this important topic in health and longevity. If you have the chance, check out the January 4th episode of Dr. Oz!

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The results are impossible to ignore! No one can argue with the health results we consistently see with the folks eating this way!

Looks like FAT is where it’s AT, baby!

But, not so fast. It turns out not all fat is “good”. In fact, some are downright dangerous and detrimental to your health and function. But certain fats are CRAZY-beneficial.

So, people are confused.

Is this a “good” fat or a “bad” fat?

Is this “high protein”?

Is this “low carb”?

Is this “allowed” on a Keto diet?

My doctor is concerned about my cholesterol. Will this give me “high” cholesterol?

I want you to have the real answers and the best information from the leading experts. So Naomi is setting it all straight. She’s giving The Real Skinny on Keto AND and The Real Skinny on Fat!

As Naomi hosts this documentary series featuring world renowned experts, the most recent science, and a Nobel Prize winning breakthrough, you’ll definitely want to have a notebook and pen handy! She’s going to provide us with a world class eduction in nutrition!

(Then you can share it with YOUR doctor!)

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