Money Matters In The Family

I cannot WAIT to watch this new series this month: “Money Revealed”. It starts on April 23rd. And you can watch for free! Bonus. 🙂

(Click on that link above to watch the video… and see if it doesn’t pique your interest like it did mine!!)

Our kids have already been informed that this is part of their home school curriculum this semester. I have a feeling they’ll learn FAR more from this series than any course they could take in high school or college! (At least that’s what the series insiders are saying!)

My husband and are eager to hear more about advanced retirement & wealth strategies, college funding, vacation/travel funds, investing… and all the financial issues that come to a head at this time of life (sigh)…

… BUT, we are super-excited to hear about these things from some outside-the-box thinkers and walk-their-talk-ers who have proven they know what the heck they’re doing!

Our kids are excited to hear how these folks come from ALL different walks of life, all different education levels, all different careers… yet they’re consistently blowing the lid off the status quo.

Our children are at a time in their lives when they’re making decisions about college (or not college), future careers, life goals and dreams… so the timing of this series is perfect!

I’m also intrigued by this collection of featured speakers – I’ve heard the majority of them mention that making money solely for the sake of having money is an empty, unsuccessful and unsustainable approach. They talk about the critical *spiritual* component of their wealth accumulation. Like I said, intriguing.

April 23rd can’t come soon enough!! Join me if you’d like to check it out, too!


Dr. Trombley

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