Healthier Recipe: “Epic Big, Fat, Power Balls”

“Epic Big, Fat Power Balls.”

Can you tell that my 12-year old son was closely involved with the naming of this recipe?


They’re protein AND fat balls. PRAT Balls is my new name for this winning combo!

I could also call them “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Balls… since that’s kind of how it goes down when I decide to make these in the spur of the moment! No recipe. I just start throwing (mostly) health-enhancing ingredients in a big bowl and see what sticks… literally!

I apologize to those of you who NEED measurements. Ain’t gonna’ happen here. I can estimate for you, and I can tell you that the ingredients listed below made 30 or so balls that are a little smaller than a golf ball but definitely much bigger than marbles!

I know. I should write a cookbook, with mad recipe skills like that!


We were going to be out for the day and planned on having an early dinner. I wanted the kids to hold off on their midday meal… because they’re old enough that they should flirt with some intermittent fasting… so I just wanted something small for them to eat a few hours into our day to get them through ‘til dinner. Bonus if it had healthy fats, some protein, and was conveniently ‘packaged’ to travel with no serious risk of melting all over my car (so the traditional fat bombs we make weren’t my first choice). Oh, and something that tasted divine!

The PRAT Balls were born!


Almond butter (approx ¾ cup)

It Works Vanilla Protein Shake (approx ½ cup)

Coconut flakes (the rest of the package I had… probably close to ½ cup)

Chia seeds (approx 3 or 4 tbsp.)

Ground Flax Seeds (3 or 4 tbsp.)

Fiber (3 or 4 tbsp.)

Cacao nibs (one for you, one for me… I’m guessing it was around ½ cup that made it in the bowl)

Coconut Oil (2 heaping tbsp.)

Grass-Fed butter (2 tbsp.)

Coconut milk (approx. ⅓ cup – full fat, canned)

In a large bowl, I started with the “dry” ingredients:

Protein powder, coconut flakes, chia seeds, and cacao nibs.

I started mixing in the “wet” ingredients:

Almond butter and softened coconut oil.

That’s when I start noticing things like, “hmmm… pretty dry… needs more schtuff!”

I decided to melt some butter and drizzle it in. I’m all about those healthy fats.

And then came the ground flax seeds and fiber blend.

Now it was getting really dry and a lot of the “powdery” ingredients weren’t yet getting mixed in, and I have zero patience for things like this… so I cracked open a can of full fat coconut milk and started working that into the mix as well.

Science experiment at its finest!


I started forming little balls and placing them on a sheet. Then I moved them into the freezer.

They don’t “have to” be frozen, necessarily. But in the past I’ve noticed that the addition of the fats & oils can make them “melt” pretty quickly otherwise. Some folks keep fat bombs/balls in the fridge. I keep ours in the freezer. Our fridge is usually pretty overcrowded as it is!

Once they’ve been in the freezer for ½ hour or so, they’re likely going to keep their form and not fall apart or melt on you.

Expert level tips:

1.Once you take one out of the freezer to eat, give it a couple minutes to warm up in room temperature so you don’t break your teeth!

2. But, don’t let it sit TOO long at room temperature otherwise you risk having a fat puddle for a snack!

3. When I’ve made these in the past and was certain that the kids would NOT be having any, I’ve added a packet of Keto Coffee to the dry mix! Oh. My. Goodness. Amazeballs! (Keto Coffee is a non-GMO instant coffee with grass-fed butter, MCT Oil, and collagen already mixed in. Perfect!)

4. It Works also makes a CHOCOLATE Protein Powder that is absolutely unbelievable!! I keep it at work, though, to mix with Chocolate Greens during my afternoon shift… it’s mom’s personal stash! I’ve made “power balls” with the chocolate shake in the past and they were abso-flippin-lutley incredible!


(Who has “conclusions” to recipes?! This girl.)

The kids LOVED them (and they did not die from their kinda sorta intermittent fasting)! The photo is evidence of their survival.

The happy recipients of Epic PRAT Balls

They had a very small healthy meal around 10:30 am, a PRAT Ball around 2, and dinner at 5. Boom. Done and done. All is good.

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