If I Could Give Just ONE Piece of Nutrition Advice… Especially for Children

People want simple solutions and short cuts… even when it comes to health. Relatable.

While it’s not usually realistic to expect drastic health improvements in the blink of an eye, there ARE some simple strategies that are relatively easy to implement and will make a profound impact on your health – and your children’s health – when you stay consistent with them.

One of these strategies is to “crowd out” unhealthy carbs and excess sugar.

When I say “carbs”, I’m mostly talking about refined carbohydrates, extra sugary carbs, highly processed carbs, factory & convenience foods, junk carbs, etc. Things like conventional cereal, bread, pasta, pastries, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles, pizza, crackers, granola bars, russet (white) potatoes, etc. These are the foods that create chronic inflammation, toxicity, and chronically elevated insulin… all of which drive the development of chronic illness and diseases of lifestyle.

I am NOT picking on healthy, fibrous vegetables, which are also a form of carbohydrates.

In an effort to reduce consumption of less healthy carbs, an easy strategy is to “crowd them out”. Literally. Let other healthy foods take over the plate! Load up with lots of healthy fats, a moderate amount of clean protein, and some quality carbs… although not necessarily at every meal.

Remove the emphasis on carbs. They should not be the star of the show!

Every meal is an opportunity to FUEL up, not just fill up.

When it comes to nutrition choices for children, start them off on the right path by offering plenty of foods that build a healthy body for years to come… foods that ADD to their health, and reduce the emphasis on sugary, toxic, inflammatory, and less-than-healthy foods that will subtract from their future health potential.

For more simple tips & strategies, check out this family nutrition bundle designed to make your healthy choices EASIER!

Dr. Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat (“Dr Mom Online”) is a long-time personality in Natural Health & Wellness and is in her 24th year of active practice in Michigan, along with her husband Dr. Marc VanHoogstraat. She’s also the proud mom of two fabulous kiddos that she currently home schools – really, she’s more of their Manager at this point in their education! 

Her unique perspective of the science of Wellness provides predictable solutions and transformational results for those struggling with chronic health issues, as well as those seeking lifelong health. To discover her simple strategies for creating better health through functional nutrition, movement, mindset, cellular detoxification, hormonal optimization, and metabolic re-setting, jump on board as a regular reader of Dr Mom Online when you plug in your name and email address and follow along on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drmomonline/


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