Keto Questions? The Expert Panel Starts This Week!

The Keto Edge Summit is almost here… it starts tomorrow, Monday May 7th!
If you haven’t already done so, you can REGISTER HERE for FREE.
This summit gathers some of the smartest smarty pants in the world of Functional Nutrition and Physiology to share THEIR vantage point regarding “going keto”. Very interesting stuff that goes SO far beyond a little weight loss fad! Understanding the RIGHT way to incorporate ketosis can reverse serious disease, obliterate risk factors for chronic illness, and catapult you into radiant healthy function!
This is a FREE event – you can listen to each of the 33 keto & nutrition experts during the event for no charge.
However, many of you have already decided you’d like to own this information so you can refer back to it, share it with others, etc. That’s what I like to do with summits like these – it’s the NEW way to build a library these days!

Keto Edge Summit



GOOD NEWS: If you’re like me and enjoy the freedom of reviewing the information anytime you’d like, OR you don’t want to worry about missing a speaker here or there during the live event, there’s a PRE-EVENT SALE that’s still going on until tomorrow morning that you need to know about!
This includes the audio & visual recordings, plus the transcript files all accessible online and for download. You won’t have to miss a thing!
You can save $20 today! Everything’s included for just $59 today – the price goes up to $79 tomorrow. Nice little dealio!
(Plus, your package comes with a gazillion special little bonuses & perks… hint hint!!)
There’s also a 30-day refund period. I guess that’s in case you decide this “getting healthy” thing isn’t for you after all! 😉
That’s it for now! Just wanted to remind you that the summit starts tomorrow, and the sale ends today!
See you there!

Keto Edge Summit





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