Coronavirus Rationing

The hype about Coronavirus continues.

This is posted at our local Costco…

I am not a fan of TOXIC disinfectants that people cling to…

BUT, I’m over here shaking my head at SUGAR and FLOUR… and even RICE!

You go ahead and keep hoarding all the inflammatory, toxic carbs and sugar that directly impact your immune system’s ability to fight off pathogens…

Just make sure you leave plenty of grass-fed, free-range, wild caught meat, eggs, butter, and fish for me!!

Trying to protect my family’s health over here, people. Sheesh.

Also, please save a roll of toilet paper for us!

Take care of your CELLS to stay WELL!

Dr. Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat (“Dr Mom Online”) is a long-time personality in Natural Health & Wellness and is in her 25th year of active practice in Michigan, along with her husband Dr. Marc VanHoogstraat. She’s also the proud mom of two fabulous kiddos that she currently home schools – really, she’s more of their Manager at this point in their education! 

Her unique perspective of the science of Wellness provides predictable solutions and transformational results for those struggling with chronic health issues, as well as those seeking lifelong health. To discover her simple strategies for creating better health through functional nutrition, movement, mindset, cellular detoxification, hormonal optimization, and metabolic re-setting, jump on board as a regular reader of Dr Mom Online when you plug in your name and email address and follow along on Facebook at



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