Don’t Forget THIS As Part Of Your Exercise Routine!

Let’s talk about Movement.


If you’re new to exercise, or you’re re-starting your commitment to moving your body consistently, or you’re coming back after an injury, don’t overlook the power of simple movement.

It’s NOT just about “cardio” and “working out”… although those can be very good as well, when done properly.  (We’ll talk about that another day.)

When we move, the joint movement generates a specific type of neurological energy. It’s called proprioception and it’s essentially fuel for our brains. Proprioception is a neurological signal directly to the brain that stimulates it to function at optimal levels.

By far, the most proprioceptive-rich fibers in our body are located in the spine and surrounding tissues.  (That’s the real underlying importance of regular Chiropractic care, by the way… it’s not about “back pain”… it’s about brain function & neurology!) The hips are another important center for proprioceptive fibers.



So, the more we can move and stimulate these proprioceptive fibers throughout our body (spine & hip joints, especially), the more we can enhance, optimize, and balance every function of our brains and Nervous Systems.

So, what types of movement should you incorporate into your daily routine? It’s NOT just about “cardio” and “working out”… although those can be very good as well, when done properly.  (We’ll talk about that another day.)

Other types of highly beneficial movement to consider are:

  • spinal ‘hygiene’ exercises
  • stretching/flexibility training
  • postural exercise
  • balance work
  • agility
  • burst training

… in addition to some more predictable movements like training for endurance, speed, strength, and power.



Don’t worry… you don’t need to start training with professional football players anytime soon!

For today, the top movement recommendations are to do some stretches & flexibility work each day (especially your hamstrings along the back of your thighs, and your hip flexors at the top of your front thigh) AND to intentionally challenge your balance each day.

For example, practice standing on one leg… then do so with your eyes closed. Do this while you’re brushing your teeth or blending your smoothie! For an added challenge, do this while balancing on an uneven or unstable surface, like a BOSU ball or balance disc. Just find a minute here and there when you can stand still and practice this important longevity skill. 



Becoming a MOVER for life is not only good for your physical fitness and body composition, but it’s critical for building a stronger, more resilient brain!





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